chess+ position We assume the readers are familiar with the rules of Chess. Chess+ features a new opening protocol. The protocol is a joint invention of Christian Freeling and Nick Bentley. Its publication here is provisional and will be completed in due time, including an applet to support actual play. Of course over the board play merely requires a Chess set.

Initial position
White pawns on the second row, black pawns on the seventh. Pieces 'in hand' beside the board.

Entering and moving
'Entering a piece' means placing a 'piece in hand' on a vacant square behind a pawn on the second row, with the option of moving that pawn one or two squares straight forwards in the same turn, or to capture with it.

  • Unless otherwise indicated, the rules of Chess apply.
  • The material is the same as in Chess.
  • If a player's own king is not yet on the board, a player on his turn must enter a piece.
  • If a player's own king is on the board a player on his turn must enter a piece OR make a regular move with any piece or pawn.
  • Players must enter their king before or on the eighth turn. A king may not be entered 'in check'.
    A player unable to enter his king if required, loses the game.
  • There is no castling.
  • En passant is as in Chess.