initial positionRules
The rules are the same as those of International Draughts, except for the 'column checkers' method of capture: a capturing piece takes an opponent's man, or the top-man of an opponent's piece, along under it as a prisoner.
For those unfamiliar with this method, Emergo is the best game of reference. Other games that employ the same method are Bashni, Lasca and Grabber.

Usually, in column checkers variants, it is better to have one strong piece than a bunch of weak ones. The means to get a strong piece are invariably the feeding of a large number of men to an opponent's weak piece, forcing him to build a nice high stack that is next, crucially, liberated by capturing the guard or guards.
Basically, Stapeldammen is no different. However, due to forced progress a single strong piece may be forced to move, and that means forwards towards a brick wall, where it is parked conveniently, at least from the opponent's point of view. Not being able to move means a loss, regardless of the strenght of the blocked pieces. Other than in Draughts, where they tend to flourish, draws cannot occur. Stapeldammen belongs to a select company of games that are decisive, yet free from turn order imbalance.

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