• The Mu-levis applet is 'clickable'. To place a segment, click the center cell of the position you want to place it. When all segments have been placed, men on them are removed in turn by clicking them. When only one man of each color remains, 'virginity' appears and the 'last man segments' are filled with seven men each.
  • To move a piece, click it first. Next click the cell you want to move it. They will be marked and the corresponding move will appear in the "your Move" field. Captures are executed automatically.
  • The applet highlights 'hot' cells that must be exploded with a mouse click.
  • When a cell of 'virginity' explodes, the applet unveils a cell of the 'commonwealth' or a cell of the wall, as the case may be. In the former case, a new man is sprouted automatically.
  • If a section shows 'oscillation' the player is obliged to remove a man from one of its hot cells. If this doesn't stop oscillation, the player must remove another man, and so on till the chain reaction comes to rest.
    Removing a man from a hot cell is done by 'shift-clicking' the piece. Terminating oscillation does not count as a move.
  • To clear, click on the 'go to end' button bottom-right [>>>|]. Now you can start over.
  • With the command menu you can undo your last move, end a game by accepting a loss, or negotiate a draw.
    The extended 'undo' function allows you to take back any number of moves, provided the opponent cooperates by taking back his.
    If you find yourself in a lost position, please choose 'Resign' from the command menu to acknowledge and officially end the game.
  • To move, enter your password and click "Submit move".