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Chess Puzzles Series

Chess Puzzles Series

Here you'll find 's new Chess Learning Programs. Download, evaluate and purchase any of the Chess Puzzles Series games. First levels are free!

CrazyChess, v.1.0 CrazyChess, v.1.0   New! download CC
Chess program playing in Loosing Chess (Giveaway Chess, Suicide Chess) on boards of different size.
Chess Mazes, v.1.1 Chess Mazes, v.1.1 download MZ
Tutorial game. What is the best route to transfer your piece from one square to some other? Finding the shortest path will not always suffice...
AlterWay, v.1.1 AlterWay, v.1.1 download AW
Puzzle game. What should be the right sequence of capturing the computer's pieces? You need to figure out everything in advance and start acting only afterwards.
Last Move, v.1.1 Last Move, v.1.1 download LM
Training simulator. This is a generator of four fascinating games in which you are to apply different methods for weaving a mating net for the opponent's King.
Chess Miner, v.1.1. Chess Miner, v.1.1 download CM
Hard puzzle for fun. Only your opponent knows the routes his pieces take. Your aim is to "undermine" all computer's pieces by means of the mines.
Blindfold, v.1.11 Blindfold, v.1.11 download BF
Test & Training simulator. Would you like to test and improve your calculation abilities and visualization? Professor CLEVER will help you...

The principal motto of the series is derive benefit from entertainment! As you know Chess and Math are relatives! Chess is used as a tool to develop problem-solving skills and concentration, stimulate intellectual creativity, enhance selfesteem. And the Chess Puzzles Series is an enjoyable and facinating way into the World of Chess and Mathematics!

Articles Articles
Short articles on chess and intelligence, chess abilities, calculation technique and other aspects of chess psychology.

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