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CrazyChess, v.1.0  Read Me

Thank you for your interest in CrazyChess
part of the Chess Puzzles Series

To get an evaluation copy or the fully functional program follow these easy steps.

Download the CrazyChess package
Click on the link below to download the self-extracting archive containing a limited CrazyChess program (after you register the limitations will be removed). It requires Windows 3.1 or higher.

It is the complete package (version: 1.0, March 11, 1999; size: 369 KB) including the CrazyChess and Register programs, the help files and all necessary support files. (See the version history for the latest changes.)

Install CrazyChess
To install on your PC, put the package you've downloaded (CC_EC.EXE) in a temporary folder and double-click it; it will extract its contents automatically in that temporary folder.
Next, run (double-click) the program INSTCC.EXE. It will do the following:

  1. Give you the opportunity to specify a directory for the installation. The default is C:\CRAZY.
  2. Create the specified directory, and copy all the necessary files in that directory.
  3. Create a program group "Chess Puzzles" (if not already present) and create a shortcut to the CrazyChess program (CRAZY.EXE).
To start the program use the created shortcut or open the directory it is installed in and double-click the CRAZY.EXE file.

After installation the files in the temporary folder may be deleted.

Register CrazyChess
If you like CrazyChess and want to make full use of all its features, you have to register for only US$ 19.95.
Instructions are included in the CrazyChess program (menu Game - Register) and the accompanying ReadmeCC.txt file. Just follow them as they are presented.
After registering you'll receive a license number to fully unlock CrazyChess.

Alternatively, you can register on-line.
If your browser handles it, you can also register by secure SSL.
On-line registration only allows payment by credit card, though.

We use the services of Kagi Software to handle our registrations. It allows for several ways to pay the registration fee (among them credit cards, checks and cash in a number of currencies).

Thank you for your support.

Legal Matters
CrazyChess © 1999 & Volodymyr Ilyuk

You are allowed, even encouraged, to freely distribute unregistered versions of this program to anyone you like, provided it is the complete package, it is not modified in any way and there's no charge for it; but it may not be included in any commercial package without our written consent.

With unregistered versions of the program only the first difficulty levels will be available to you, and there are a few other limitations.
After registering, these limitations will be removed.

This software is provided as is. Although we have thoroughly tested it and expect no problems, Alex Bart and MindSports assume no responsibility for any damage it might cause. Use at your own risk.

Protected by International Copyright law. All rights reserved.

Contacting us
If you experience any problem with the program or have otherwise something to tell, please contact the author or the vendor MindSports:

by email: .

by snail-mail:

  • MindSports
    P.O. Box 266
    6700 AG Wageningen
Please include your address, preferably also an email address.

Version History
VersionRelease dateRemarks
1.0March 11, 1999 First public release