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Vic Voskuil - Christian Freeling (0-2)
This game was played specifically as an example game and turned out to be very illustrative for the fact that the seemingly large distance between the forces in Bushka is very misleading.
White's third move at first glance is a simple developing move, but it in fact already makes the loss of a man unavoidable. When white pulls the emergengy brake with his fourth move, he makes things worse. The game also shows that a T-strike can occur in the early opening.

3if6?A first glance an innocent, albeit somewhat unusual, development move, because the 5-line seems safe enough. But black's next move threatens 4...f98 5.f67x-ef6x(3 men!), 6.hg6x winning a man.
e96If white plugs f5 with f2, f3 or f4, black wins a man by 4...e65 (5.e2x4 forced) after which he can move either e76 or cd5, to capture three men on the 5-line or e-line respectively.
On 4.gf5 comes 4...cd5, 5.fe5x-ef8!, 6.f67x-ef6x(3 men!), 7.hg6x(forced)-e7f6x winning two men.
4e34And this is no better :(
8hg6xA T-strike as dessert! White's choice of capture is forced, otherwise black ends on h5, winning 3 men.
9Resignright ..... next!