Starweb, like Symple, is a descendant of Star, but not a consciously pursued one. The last game before it came from december 2014 and I had since lived without any inclination to invent any more games, but it just dropped in my lap in 5 seconds.

Star features an incentive to connect groups by giving any new group an 'original sin' penalty. So joining two groups gets rid of one penalty. Symple also features this mechanism. In Starweb the incentive to connect groups is the 'triangular' scoring mechanism and its inherent incentive to connect groups. But unlike a penalty based mechanism, it distinguishes between connections of different value, thus changing the strategic landscape. It makes for a game that is very similar to Havannah in both strategy and tactics and the relation between them. The game is drawless because in case of an equal score, the second player wins. This makes the swap rule important because both the 'placer; and the 'chooser' are aware of this.