This was the first ever game, right after the game was 'invented'. Strategy was tentative and cautious but we're both seasoned Havannah players so the terrain is familiar. The 18 corners are taken first. That is no longer the case but 'minotity strategy', that is: accepting one or even two corners less for a solid centre from where the opponent's connection attempts are undermined, was had come up as an idea but not yet as a strategy. Of course things turned out to be not so simple and strategy is still evolving. Nowadays taking corners in the opening stage is still important, but it is interspersed with moves around the center. Having corners is great, but you must be able to connect them sufficiently. The second game, played a couple of months later, testifies of that.

Note that the app score only counts solid groups, not loosely connected ones, so it's of little actual use.
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Ed van Zon - Christian Freeling (0-1)