You might want to read the rules first.

In Sygo territory is counted the same way as in Go, so in that respect it is a pure Go variant. Its emergence is based on a perfect merger between the Symple move protocol and 'othelloanian' capture, whereby captured stones are reversed to show the captor's color, rather than removed. This method of capture is free of cycles and thus free of rules to regulate them. But a drawback is that it provides no obvious means to ensure 'life'.
The move protocol allows multiple placements and and disallows suicide, a combination that ensures sufficient means to secure life. The tactics to do so are in alignment with strategy. It also makes the game much faster than Go and provides an inherent turn order balancing mechanism.
Sygo can end in a draw, but these occasions will always be rare because they require at least one seki.

The applet counts stones, not surrounded territory, so the counter does not represent the total score.

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