Ta Chuan - The Great Appendix - Section 1

Chapter I - The changes in Creation and in the Book of Change
I - 1
Heaven is lofty and honourable; earth is low. Ch'ien and K'un were determined in accordance with this. Things low and high appear displayed in a similar relation; the noble and the mean had their places assigned accordingly. Movement and rest are the regular qualities of their respective subjects. Hence comes the definite distinction of the lines as the strong and the weak.
Affairs are arranged together according to their tendencies, and things are divided according to their classes. Hence were produced what is good and what is evil.
In the heavens there are the figures there completed, and on the earth there are the bodies there formed. Corresponding to them were the changes and transformations exhibited in the I.

I - 2
After this fashion a strong and a weak line were manipulated together till there were the eight trigrams, and these were added, each to itself and all the others.

I - 3
We have the exciting forces of thunder and lightning; the fertilising influences of wind and rain; and the revolutions of sun and moon, which give rise to cold and warmth.

I - 4
The attributes expressed by Ch'ien constitute the male. The attributes expressed by K'un constitute the female.

I - 5
Ch'ien directs the great beginnings of things. K'un gives to them their completion.

I - 6
It is by the ease with which it proceeds that Ch'ien directs as it does, and by its unhesitating response that K'un exhibits such ability.

I - 7
Ease will be easily understood, and freedom from laborious effort will be easily followed. He who is easily understood will have adherents, and he who is easily followed will achieve success. He who has adherents can continue long, and he who achieves success can become great.
To be able to continue long shows the virtue of the wise and able man; to be able to become great is the heritage he will acquire.

I - 8
With the attainment of such ease and such freedom of laborious effort, the mastery is got of all principles under the sky. With the attainment of that mastery, the sage finds his position in the middle between heaven and earth.