The Thai variant has a 'demoted' king that must land on the vacant square immediately beyond a captured piece, and may proceed the capture only from there. This differs from the demoted king empoloyed in Killer Draughts, that is only restricted to the square immediately beyond when capturing the last piece, and only if that last piece is a king.
In either case however, the margin of draws is affected in a positive way: two kings are sufficient to capture a lone one.

The diagram shows the board and the pieces in initial position.
There are two players, red and white. White begins. Players move - and must move - in turn.

Capture has precedence over a non-capturing move. If the player to move has no capture to make, he has the following options:

  • Moving a man
  • Moving a king

A king is a promoted man.

A man moves one square diagonally forwards, provided the target square is vacant. If a man thus reaches the back rank, it promotes to king. A king moves any distance of free squares along an open diagonal.

Capture is compulsory. Men may capture forwards only, kings may capture both forwards and backwards.

  • If a man is on a particular line, and next to it on that line is a square occupied by an opponent's piece, then the man captures the piece by jumping over it to the square immediately beyond, which must be vacant for the capture to take place. If the man can proceed in a similar way in the same or the perpendicular direction, it must do so.
  • If a man in a capture reaches the back rank, the move ends there and the man is promoted to king.
  • A king looks along open lines. If it sees, at any distance, an opponent's piece and immediately beyond it a vacant square, it captures by jumping the piece and landing on that square. If the king can proceed from that square in a similar way in the same or the perpendicular direction, it must do so.
  • There are no priorities of capture: if presented with a choice a player may freely choose which capture to make. The chosen capture must be completed of course, but there's no precedence of majority capture.
  • Captured pieces are removed immediately upon jumping them, like a vacuum cleaner.
  • A king making a multiple capture may visit a square more than once.

If a player has no legal move he loses the game. This may come about either by being eliminated or being blocked completely. Draws may occur by mutual agreement or 3-fold.

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