This is the final game for the European Fujitsu Cup 2001, taken with permission from 'Go' (volume 39 nr. 1, february 2002), the magazine of the Dutch Go Association.
Commentary is by Rob van Zeijst, who by this victory over his Russian opponent obtained the right to represent the Netherlands at the Fujitsu Worldchampionships.
Comments on some alternative lines of play have been omitted for brevity. Black resigns after white-88 but Rob van Zeijst continues with an alalysis up to move 95 of why white-88 was the kill stroke.

no Sound
Broken canvas...
to move
area score
0 0

Alexander Dinerchtein (Russia, 7th dan) - Rob van Zeijst (the Netherlands, 7th dan), 2 december 2001, Amstelveen, the Netherlands