The Dagaz project has provided the lifeline to keep the Player Sections running with modern technology (HTML5 and JavaScript). Previously, Java applets were used to present the games, a technology that has become all but extinct.
As of January 12, 2020, all games have been converted to Dagaz and the Player Sections have become Java free! The rest of MindSports following shortly thereafter.

Below is the complete list of playable games featured on MindSports. They can be played interactively here; some against an AI as opponent.

Visit the Player Sections for turn-based play against another person.

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Player Sections
AmazonsAmazons AI 30-11-2019 new
Armenian DraughtsArmenian Draughts AI 14-12-2019 new
Astralis 02-07-2021 new~
Ayu 09-11-2019 new (11x11,13x13,15x15)
Bashni 12-01-2020 new
Breakthrough 12-01-2020 new
Breakthrough 2Breakthrough 2 AI 09-04-2020 new~
Bushka 31-10-2019 new
CaïssaCaïssa AI 29-06-2019 new
Cannons & Bullets 18-01-2021 new (base-4,-5,-6,-7)~
Catchup 10-01-2020 new (original & Luis' rules)
Chad  13-11-2019 new
ChakraChakra AI 24-04-2020 new~
ChessChess AI 29-07-2019 new
Chess+Chess+ AI 06-10-2020 mobile alternative for mouse wheel
Chess960Chess960 AI 12-12-2019 new (No, CG-, orthodoxed castling)
China Grove 20-01-2023 new~
China Octangle 19-03-2023 new~
China Squares 19-03-2023 new~
China Tangle 09-08-2022 new~
CongoCongo AI 05-12-2019 new
Constitutional DraughtsConstitutional Draughts AI 14-09-2020 widened constitutional rule~
Croda Croda AI 25-08-2019 new
Crossbars 31-08-2021 new~
Crossfire 16-08-2019 new
CyclixCyclix AI 06-10-2020 mobile alternative for mouse wheel
DameoDameo AI 23-06-2019 new
DesdemonaDesdemona AI 12-03-2021 changed rules (10x10)~
Dominions 29-12-2019 new
DragonflyDragonfly AI 23-11-2019 new
DraughtsDraughts AI 31-07-2019 new
DropZone 22-02-2021 new~
Emergo 12-08-2019 new (9x9,7x7)
Explocus Explocus AI 18-08-2019 new
FanoronaFanorona AI 11-11-2019 new~
Flower Shop 14-04-2021 new~
Focus 14-08-2019 new
Frisian Draughts Frisian Draughts AI 25-08-2019 new
Glass Bead Game 23-11-2019 new
Go 16-01-2020 added board sizes 9x9, 13x13
Gonnect 18-12-2019 new (13x13,19x19)
Grabber 09-01-2020 new (setup: take two each)
Grand ChessGrand Chess AI 28-06-2019 new
Hanniball 12-02-2020 new~
HarzdameHarzdame AI 28-07-2020 new~
Havannah 04-08-2019 added several board sizes
Hex 20-08-2019 new (16x16,11x11)
Hexade 18-12-2019 new
HexdameHexdame AI 25-06-2019 new
HexemergoHexemergo AI 12-08-2019 new
HexOust 10-11-2019 new~
Hexplocus Hexplocus AI 18-08-2019 new~
Hexsygo 07-08-2019 new~
Hexsymple 05-08-2019 new (several board sizes)~
Hoop 11-06-2021 new (base-4,-5,-6)~
Inertia 10-12-2019 new (8x8,10x10, hex-5,-6,-7)
Io 07-08-2019 new (9x9,7x7)
Jump Sturdy 12-01-2020 new
Keil 13-06-2020 new (base-6,-7,-8,-9,-10,-11,-12))~
Killer DraughtsKiller Draughts AI 19-08-2019 new~
King's Castle 31-10-2020 new~
King's ColourKing's Colour AI 09-03-2021 new~
KnightShade 14-06-2021 new (base-6,-7,-8)~
KnightVision 26-02-2021 new (11x11,14x14)~
Konane 15-02-2020 new~
Lasca 25-06-2020 new
Lifeline 09-06-2022 new (base-3 to -12)~
Lines of Action 28-11-2019 new
LocaLoca AI 20-07-2020 new (8x8,9x9,10x10)
LoonybirdLoonybird AI 24-11-2019 new
Loops 'n Leaps 18-07-2021 new~
Lotus 26-01-2020 new~
Lox 15-07-2021 new (11x11,14x14)~
MacBethMacBeth AI 27-11-2019 new
Mattock 07-03-2021 changed name (was Las Médulas) and setup~
Medusa 26-01-2020 new~
Meridians 29-06-2021 new (base-6,-7,-8)~
Migong 04-02-2021 new~
MiniMancalaMiniMancala AI 12-01-2020 new~
Monkey TrapMonkey Trap AI 10-04-2020 new~
Morelli 23-12-2019 new (13x13,11x11,9x9,7x7 - free or random setup)
Mu 05-01-2020 new (velox,levis)
Multiplicity 21-10-2020 added no-setup-protocol variants~
Noose 25-08-2021 new (base-4,-5,-6)~
Notubytu 08-04-2022 new (5x5,7x7,9x9)~
OrdoOrdo AI 23-03-2020 new~
OthelloOthello AI 27-11-2019 new
Oust 10-11-2019 new~
PentePente AI 06-12-2019 new
PermutePermute AI 04-10-2020 mobile alternative for mouse wheel~
Phalanx 23-04-2020 added 5 stone pie~
Pilare 18-04-2020 new (6x6,8x8)~
Pit of Pillars 24-08-2019 new
Pletore 17-12-2021 new (4x4,...,19x19))~
Polar 01-05-2020 new (9x9,11x11,13x13)~
PommelPommel AI 26-04-2020 new~
Pylyx 10-02-2020 new (12x12,10x10)~
QascadeQascade AI 14-10-2020 new (base-5,-6), mouse wheel or mobile control~
Query 04-02-2020 new~
Rainbow Chase 18-04-2022 new~
Renegado 01-04-2022 new~
Rondo 27-03-2020 new~
Rosette 05-11-2020 new (base-5,-6,-7)~
Rotary 26-11-2019 new
Royal GuardRoyal Guard AI 24-03-2021 new~
Scaffold 21-04-2022 new~
Scware 21-08-2019 new (16x16,11x11)~
Shakala 08-05-2022 new~
ShaktiShakti AI 13-11-2019 new
Shogi Shogi AI 10-11-2019 new
Slither 09-04-2020 new~
SlydeSlyde AI 23-04-2020 new~
Square Off 20-04-2020 new~
Squeeze 31-03-2020 new (twin of Swish)~
Stapeldammen 08-08-2019 new
Starweb 19-08-2019 new
Stigmergy 07-07-2021 added uneven komi with button (base-3 to -12)~
Storisende 13-01-2020 added some fixed board options
Swish 31-03-2020 new (twin of Squeeze)~
Sygo 25-07-2019 new
Symple 18-07-2019 added several board sizes
Symple Hex 20-08-2019 new (16x16,11x11)~
Triccs 19-12-2019 new~
Tumbleweed 22-11-2020 new (base-6,-8,-11)~
Turkish DraughtsTurkish Draughts AI 14-12-2019 new
Uknight 20-04-2021 new (base-5,-6,-7)~
WedgeLock 06-03-2021 new~
XiaGo 23-02-2021 now sizes base-6,-8,-10~
XiangqiXiangqi AI 02-12-2019 new
Xodd 06-10-2020 mobile alternative for mouse wheel~
Yari ShogiYari Shogi AI 13-11-2019 new
Yodd 06-10-2020 mobile alternative for mouse wheel
ZolaZola AI 14-02-2021 new (6x6,8x8,10x10)~
Zumo 30-03-2022 new (base-6,-8,-10)~


Puzzles: a couple of solitaire games have been implemented using the Dagaz game app to be enjoyed here.

 latest update
BackSlide 22-03-2020 new
Vexed 13-03-2020 new


Hosting a few more: in appreciation of letting us use the Dagaz game app, we host a (small) selection of the games implemented by its developer Valentin Chelnokov. They are made available in our Player Sections, but are not otherwise presented on MindSports. Linked-to rules are to be found elsewhere. Game copyright lies with the respective owners.

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Player Sections
BolotoudouBolotoudou AI 11-01-2020 new
RithmomachiaRithmomachia AI 21-12-2019 new (random pick out of 4 setups)
SuffragettoSuffragetto AI 09-04-2020 new
Turnover Turnover AI 05-10-2019 new


Game app developed by Valentin Chelnokov for the Dagaz project - reused with permission under the MIT License.
Software adapted by & for MindSports