Scaffold is a drawless connection game played on the intersections of a square grid using stones (as in Go). Black is trying to connect N-S edges of the board, White E-W with an orthogonally connected group.

scaffold boardDefinition
  • A group is either a single stone (a group of one) or any number of stones of the same color connected through a continuous series of orthogonal adjacencies.

The first player places a single black stone on any grid intersection, after which the second player decides which color they will play (pie rule).
(Note: in our app, click the Black stone to take the pie/position, but you remain White)

Players then alternate taking turns.

On your turn, place a stone of your color on an empty point. Then, if possible, place a stone of your color on an empty point that is orthogonally adjacent to two groups of your color, and keep making such placements until no more are possible.

Play Scaffold interactively