On April 3, 2022 Andrew Lannan posted a thread at the BGG Abstract Games Forum introducing a new game thus:
I've been playing this l-r hand and it seems like it may be a game. I was somewhat inspired by Trax with it's forced moves. I haven't been able to deadlock it, or find a clearly unbeatable strategy, although I am terrible at playing l-r handed (I blame my ADHD).

So break this for me -- or tell me it was designed by Luis in 2001 so I can stop thinking about it.

Luis is Luis BolaƱos Mures of whom we feature several games, including Ayu and Stigmergy, and the game was Scaffold. As the inventor of Scware I immediately saw the similarities, above all the fact that both games feature a multi-action move protocol. And a great protocol it is! It is one of those rare cases in which a problem - in this case the notorious diagonal cross-cut problem in square connection games - is solved in a manner that is simple and brilliant at the same time. We highly recommend it!

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