FlowerShop is played on a hexhex board and uses the 12* placement protocol, that is: barring the first player's first placement, which must be a single piece, players make two placements in a turn. There are two types of pieces: impartial stalks (green) and partial flowers (red and white). A maximal set of connected stalks is called a plant.

There are two placement restrictions:
1. Each flower may be adjacent to no more than one stalk and no other flowers.
2. Each plant can only be adjacent to at most one colour of flowers.
The game ends when no legal placements can be made. The worth of each plant is the number of stalks in it times the number of flowers adjacent to it. The score of each player is the total worth of all the plants adjacent to his flowers. Highest score wins, draws are possible but unlikely.

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FlowerShop © 2021, Mike Zapawa