A game by Michael Amundsen and Alek Erickson, created June 2021.
Materials: Hexhex size 4-6 grid, black/white tiles, and neutral stones.
hoop positionRules
Each turn:
First, place a neutral stone on an empty cell (or replace one of your tiles with a neutral stone),
Then, claim a cell by placing a tile of your color on an empty cell.
You cannot place a stone, or a tile, in cells claimed by your opponent.
If you cannot claim (place a tile), you may still place (replace a tile with) a stone.
Balancing mechanism: on the very first turn, the first player only claims a cell, but does not place a stone.
Goal: The player that forms a loop (a chain around at least one cell) of neutral stones, wins.

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Hoop © 2021, Michael Amundsen and Alek Erickson