Notubytu is a territory game for two players: Black and White. It is played on the intersections of an initially empty square board. The recommended board sizes are between 5x5 and 9x9 points. Each player must have access to a sufficient number of bi-coloured stones, black on one side and white on the other.

Play Notubytu interactively

notubytu position Play
Black plays first, subject to a swap option by White, then turns alternate. On your turn you may:

  • Pass: to pass a turn in the MindSports app, click on one of your stones.
  • Place a stone of your color on an empty point provided it does not result in any way in a 2x2 configuration of friendly stones.

If a placement results in the straight or diagonal custodian enclosure of single opponent's stones, sandwiching each of them between the placed stone and a like coloured one that is already on the board, then such stones are captured and reversed UNLESS such a reversal results in a 2x2 configuration. In that case the placement is legal, but it does not result in a capture. The order of reversals may make a difference and is at the players choice, but so long as reversals are in order, they must be performed.

In the position on the left Black cannot capture the white stone at F3 although he can enclose it at F2, G2 and G3. Each of these placements is legal, but none will result in a capture.

The game ends when both players pass on successive turns. Players score a point for every stone they have on the board, highest score wins, draws are possible.

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