We feature four 3D puzzles: the TriAx, invented by Christian Freeling and Ed van Zon, the China Cube and Peculiar Cubes invented by Christian Freeling and Cage Fight invented by Ed van Zon.

  • TriAx is a unique combinatorial 3-dimensional puzzle consisting of a complete set of 28 pieces that allow the triplication of any piece with the remaining 27.
  • The China Cube is a 3D implementation of the the China Labyrinth: 64 cubes in a fixed orientation with zero to six connection points in the six main directions, doubtlessly allowing transcendental solutions and starmaps, but usually used to fill a compact 4x4x4 cube.
  • Peculiar Cubes is a set of 27 'pegged & holed' cubes meant to fill a compact 3x3x3 cube. The ultimate challenge is to solve it with the blank cube in the center.
  • Cage Fight is not so much a puzzle as the one solution is provided. Cage Fight is a gift. A gift for someone who cannot resist a puzzle. Someone you really hate.