Emergo boardHexemergo is a literal translation of Emergo to the hexboard and the rules are the same, but their consequences are not. In Hexemergo combinations as a rule can be kept rolling for much longer. Of course movement and capture are in six rather than four directions and there are 37 cells instead of 41 squares. But for the rest, things are pretty much the same. Or are they?

Play Hexemergo interactively or against an AI
'One versus one with equal caps' is a win in Emergo and a draw in Hexemergo. On the other hand, being completely blocked is a draw in both, but it is almost impossible to achieve in Hexemergo. There's one curious case of instant 3-fold possible in Hexemergo and none in Emergo, but for the margin of draws this difference is hardly significant. The margin is very low in both.