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Ed van Zon - Christian Freeling - ArenA, December 2010, 1-0

And then it was the evening of the 10th of November 2010 and I was walking the dogs, reflecting on Symple's move protocol and the fact that it seemed to be generic for a certain class of games, when suddenly I thought ... "what about Go?". I got slightly worried because by then it was clear to me that the protocol had a broad spectrum of applications in themes that had some affinity with territory. So I didn't sleep too well, while the game that it was all about, the game the others had been mere signposts for, was taking shape. The next day I could write Sy(mple)Go down, find the examples and make the graphics in one go.
Because the move protocol inherently ensures ways to get 'life', Sygo turned out to be the only Go variant so far that employs othelloanian capture without needing any additional rules to ensure it.