regular draughts

contact draughts
Draughts' basic mechanism of capture is by leapfrogging, as shown on the left.
Contact draughts' basic mechanism of capture is by contact, as shown on the right. There are only two known contact draughts games, one traditional and one modern.

Fanorona is the national game of Madagascar. Not much of its history is clear. Wiki reiterates a legendary story about King Ralambo (1575-1610) implying that the game was played during his reign.

Bushka originally used a trimmed down version of Fanorona's way of capture and put it in a framework of rules based on International Draughts. The literal transposition proved wanting however, and an additional mechanism of linear movement and capture was introduced, that has served the game's spirit exellently ever since, not to mention that Dameo's linear movement was derived from it.