Upper Trigram:Ken, Inaction, a Mountain
Lower Trigram:Li, Clinging Brightness, Fire
Governing Rulers:Six in the second place
Top-most nine

The Image
Fire under the mountain: the image of Pi. The superior man, in accordance with this, throws a brilliancy around his various processes of government, but does not dare in a similar way to decide cases of criminal litigation.

Miscellaneous Signs
Shih Ho takes eating for its theme, and Pi takes what is plain, from ornament quite free.

The Judgement
Pi indicates that there should be free course in what it denotes. There will be little advantage, however, if it be allowed to advance and take the lead.

Pi indicates that there should be free course in what it denotes. We see the weak line coming and ornamenting the strong lines of the inner trigram, and hence it is said that ornament 'should have free course'. On the other hand the strong line above ornaments the weak ones of the outer trigram, and hence it is said that 'there will be little advantage if ornament be allowed to advance and take the lead'. This is illustrated in the appearances that ornament the sky.
Elegance and intelligence, denoted by the lower trigram, regulated by arrest, denoted by the upper trigram, these suggest the observances that adorn human society. We look at the ornamental figures in the sky, and thereby ascertain the changes of the seasons. We look at the ornamental observances of society, and understand how the processes of transformation are accomplished all under heaven.

The Lines and commentaries
Bottom nine
The first line shows one adorning his feet; he can discard a carriage and walk on foot.
'He can discard a carriage and walk on foot': righteousness requires that he should not ride.
Six in the second place
Showing one adorning his beard.
'He adorns his beard': he rouses himself to action only with the subject of the line above.
Nine in the third place
Showing its subject with the appearance of being adorned and bedewed with rich favours. But let him ever maintain his firm correctness. There will be good fortune.
The 'good fortune consequent on his ever maintaining firm correctness', is due to this: that to the end no one will insult him.
Six in the fourth place
Showing one looking as if adorned, but only in white. As if mounted on a white horse, and furnished with wings, he seeks union with the subject of the first line, while the third pursues, not as a robber, but intent on a matrimonial alliance.
This line affords ground for doubt as to its subject; but 'as the subject of the third line pursues, not as a robber, but intent on a matrimonial alliance', he will in the end have no grudge against him.
Six in the fifth place
Showing its subject adorned by the heights and gardens. He bears his roll of silk small and slight. He may appear stingy, but there will be good fortune in the end.
The 'good fortune falling to the six in the fifth place', affords occasion for joy.
Top-most nine
Showing its subject with white as his only ornament. There will be no error.
The 'freedom from error attached to the subject of the top-most line, with no ornament but the simple white', shows how he has attained his aim.

1. Ch'ien
Creative Principle

2. K'un
Passive Principle

3. Chun
Initial Difficulties

4. Meng
Youthful Inexperience

5. Hsü

6. Sung

7. Shih
The Army

8. Pi
Seeking Unity

9. Hsiao Ch'u
Minor Restraint

10. Lü
Treading carefully

11. T'ai

12. P'i

13. T'ung Jen

14. Ta Yu
Great Possessions

15. Ch'ien

16. Yü

17. Sui

18. Ku
Arresting Decay

19. Lin

20. Kuan

21. Shih Ho
Biting through

22. Pi

23. Po

24. Fu
The Turning Point

25. Wu Wang

26. Ta Ch'u
Restraining Force

27. I

28. Ta Kuo

29. K'an
The Abyss

30. Li
Clinging Brightness

31. Hsieh

32. Heng

33. Tun

34. Ta Chuang
Strength of Greatness

35. Chin

36. Ming I
Sinking Light

37. Chia Jen
The Family

38. K'uei

39. Chien

40. Hsieh

41. Sun

42. I

43. Kuai

44. Kou
Coming on

45. Ts'ui

46. Sheng
Moving upward

47. K'un

48. Ching
The Well

49. Ko

50. Ting
The Cauldron

51. Chen

52. Ken

53. Chien
Gradual Progress

54. Kuei Mei
Marriageable Maiden

55. Feng

56. Lü
The Wanderer

57. Sun
Gentle Penetration

58. Tui

59. Huan

60. Chien

61. Cung Fu
Inner Truth

62. Hsiao Kuo
Small Excess

63. Chi Chi
Completion and After

64. Wei Chi
Before Completion