Upper Trigram:Chen, Thunderclap, Movement
Lower Trigram:Li, Clinging Brightness, Fire
Governing Ruler:Six in the fifth place

The Image
Thunder and lightning combine to form Feng. The superior man, in accordance with this, decides cases of litigation, and apportions punishments with exactness.

Miscellaneous Signs
Feng tells of trouble; Lü can boast few friends.

The Judgement
Feng intimates progress and development. When a king has reached the point implied in it, there is no occasion to be anxious for fear of a change. Let him be as the sun at noon.

Feng has the signification of being great. It is made up of the trigrams for intelligence and movement, intelligence being the directing one. It is thus that it has this signification.
'The king has reached the point implied in it': he has still to make it greater.
'There is no occasion to be anxious: let him be as the sun at noon': it is for him to cause his light to shine on all under the sky. When the sun has reached the meridian height, it begins to decline. When the moon has become full, it starts to wane. The interaction of heaven and earth is now vigorous and abundant, now dull and scanty, growing and diminishing according to the seasons. How much more must it be so with men! how much more also with the spiritual agency!

The Lines and commentaries
Bottom nine
Showing its subject meeting with his mate. Though they are both of the same character (his correlate being improper), there will be no error. Advance will call forth approval.
'Though they are both of the same character, there will be no error': if the subject of this line should seek to overpass that similarity, there will be calamity.
Six in the second place
Showing its subject surrounded by screens so large and thick (his improper correlate and benighted ruler), that at midday he can see from them the constellation of the Bushel. If he go and try to enlighten his ruler, he will make himself to be viewed with suspicion and dislike. Let him cherish his feeling of sincere devotion, that he may thereby move his ruler's mind, and there will be good fortune.
'Let him cherish his feeling of sincere devotion, that it shall appear being put forth': it is by sincerity that the mind is affected.
Nine in the third place
Showing its subject with a screen of a large and thick banner, through which at midday he can see the Mei star. In the darkness he breaks his right arm; but there will be no error.
'There is a screen of a large and thick banner': great things should not be attempted.
Nine in the fourth place
Showing its subject in a tent so large and thick, that at midday he can see from it the constellation of the Bushel. He meets with his correlate, who is like himself. There will be good fortune.
'He is surrounded by a screen, large and thick': his position is inappropriate.
'At midday he sees the constellation of the Bushel': there is darkness and no light.
'He meets with his correlate, who is like himself. There will be good fortune': action may be taken.

Six in the fifth place
Showing its subject bringing around him the men of brilliant ability. There will be occasion for congratulation and praise. There will be good fortune.
The good fortune indicated by this line is the congratulation that is sure to arise.
Top-most six
His house is made large, but it is only serving as a screen to his household. When he looks at his door, it is still, and there is nobody about it. For three years no one is to be seen. There will be evil.
'He looks at his door, which is still, with no one about it': he keeps himself withdrawn from all others.

1. Ch'ien
Creative Principle

2. K'un
Passive Principle

3. Chun
Initial Difficulties

4. Meng
Youthful Inexperience

5. Hsü

6. Sung

7. Shih
The Army

8. Pi
Seeking Unity

9. Hsiao Ch'u
Minor Restraint

10. Lü
Treading carefully

11. T'ai

12. P'i

13. T'ung Jen

14. Ta Yu
Great Possessions

15. Ch'ien

16. Yü

17. Sui

18. Ku
Arresting Decay

19. Lin

20. Kuan

21. Shih Ho
Biting through

22. Pi

23. Po

24. Fu
The Turning Point

25. Wu Wang

26. Ta Ch'u
Restraining Force

27. I

28. Ta Kuo

29. K'an
The Abyss

30. Li
Clinging Brightness

31. Hsieh

32. Heng

33. Tun

34. Ta Chuang
Strength of Greatness

35. Chin

36. Ming I
Sinking Light

37. Chia Jen
The Family

38. K'uei

39. Chien

40. Hsieh

41. Sun

42. I

43. Kuai

44. Kou
Coming on

45. Ts'ui

46. Sheng
Moving upward

47. K'un

48. Ching
The Well

49. Ko

50. Ting
The Cauldron

51. Chen

52. Ken

53. Chien
Gradual Progress

54. Kuei Mei
Marriageable Maiden

55. Feng

56. Lü
The Wanderer

57. Sun
Gentle Penetration

58. Tui

59. Huan

60. Chien

61. Cung Fu
Inner Truth

62. Hsiao Kuo
Small Excess

63. Chi Chi
Completion and After

64. Wei Chi
Before Completion