Lox position
Lox rests on two pillars, the game of Hex and the game of Stigmergy. I was very impressed by the 'control protocol' and its implementation in the latter game, invented in 2021 by Luis BolaƱos Mures and Steven Metzger. So I wondered if Luis, with whom I played Stigmergy that moment, had considered using it in Hex. He hadn't, despite the fact that it fits perfectly. It introduces capture in Hex in a very basic way, embedded rather than added and thus more fundamental than its introduction in KnightVision. The result was that we consider this merger of two games a joint invention. Of course there's more to it because Hex was invented by Piet Hein and arguably also by John Forbes Nash. But Hex has acquired the status of a traditional by now.

Enschede, July 2021

christian freeling