Jump Sturdy
Initial positionAn easy to visualize goal is something of a prerequisite in a game inventing contest, so for this one I needed something that was both original and traditional, highly accessible, with an easy to visualize goal and not too long, thank you.

I started out on a halma theme with discs of two different sizes, whereby smaller one could land on bigger ones, but not vice versa. That didn't work out, mainly because halma is a boring theme from a different age when time would run at a snails pace. So I turned to a simple breakthrough and race theme, along the lines of Dan Troyka's minimalistic but ever so deep game Breakthrough, but with some stacking involved of course.

The breakthrough came, no pun intended, when I found a novel way of using stacks of two men whereby a top one becomes a somewhat stronger piece - as long as it is on top. The result is a simple and streamlined game with 'soft finitude', that is: the game cannot end in a draw unless both players would consider that the goal.